Frequently Asked Questions

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General Support Questions
How can I find what Concertone Model I have?

Please visit our Product Gallery to view pictures of Models (past & present)
How can I obtain a manual for my Concertone?
Visit the Product Gallery and click on the picture of your Concertone Model.
The Radio Power Light in On but the uni will not power up.
1.  Remove the Power Fuse for One Minute and try again.
General Replacement Instructions
1.  Remove the trim panel (Chassis Size A - Unsnap the Trim Bezel starting from the notches at the bottom) (Chassis Size B - remove side trim panel)
2.  Remove mounting screws
3.  Remove the Unit from the wall
4.  Disconnect speaker and power harnesses.
5.  Disconnect RCA Cables for inputs and outputs. Either label them or immediately plug into thenew unit.
6.  If applicable - Connect the wiring harness adapter to the RV wiring.
7.  Connect wiring harness into new Unit.
8.  Place in Wall.
9.  Turn on Radio and test all functions.
10.  Tighten screws until just snug (do NOT crank or torque down as this may cause twisting of the faceplate)
11.  Install trim ring or panels.
12.  ENJOY!
General Operations
View pictures on SD Card or USB Drive
Every time you insert an SD card into the radio, the unit automatically starts the “photo slide show” starting with the first picture. You can then press the “stop” button on the remote which will stop the slide show and a list of all photos that are on the SD card will show up on the TV screen. You can then select the picture you want to see using the navigation buttons on the remote control.
How do I find or see the SETUP Screen?
n order to view the SETUP Screen, you MUST be in the DVD Mode with your TV on.  Many folks look to the Radio Screen, but that is not where the SETUP Screens will be displayed.  Please insert a DVD and after the movie starts to play on the TV, please select the SELECT function via the front panel of the radio OR your Remote Control (recommended).
Why is my Remote Control is not working?
Your Remote Control can be programmed to operate your TV and other devices and as a result it has device selection buttons located in the middle of the Remote (above the blue buttons).  Press the button that says "ZX690" on it and try again.  If that does not work, please try changing the batteries (which are 2 AAA).
How do I RESET the unit to Factory Defaults?
With the Power ON, Press & Hold the FUNCTION (or MODE) button until the unit shuts off.  You can turn the unit back on immediately.